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At AVID Property Group we take servicing our customers seriously. AvidConnect is how we connect with our customers and provide guidance through purchasing land to moving in to a new community.

At the heart of AvidConnect, is understanding. Constantly gaining the insights and empathy for the variety of life stages our customers are coming from and taking this information to improve your experience all the way through the journey of purchasing your new home-site.

Expect support all the time, not just when you buy. We know the key milestones in your journey and will send you a series of tailored SMS and emails to provide you with guidance, removing the unknown and maximising the ease and comfort of your journey.

We believe communication is two ways and you will receive a series of surveys from us asking for your feedback at each stage of your journey. We care about what you have to say.

Use this site to help you make the most of buying your land and building a home. Find everything from tips on choosing a builder, securing your home loan to building a home that suits your needs.

Our service continues when you move into your new community. We want you to feel at home quickly and we will help you connect with your neighbours.

With AvidConnect – we are with you all the way home.

Still have questions? Check our Helpful Info or contact AvidConnect team between 9am and 5.30pm.