1. Buying a Block of Land with AVID Queensland

Buying a Block of Land with AVID Queensland

Before you buy land

  • Choose your AVID Development! AVID has Residential Developments all over Australia from Sunshine Coast and Greater Springfield Area in QLD, to the Lower Hunter Area and Sydney Metro in NSW, through to Melbourne’s North West and Western Corridor. You can choose from a wide range of blocks that we have available within each of our Developments. For more information click here.
  • Come and visit us for a friendly chat. We can share our knowledge and guide you along your personal journey.
  • We recommend obtaining financial advice surrounding your personal situation from your preferred lender and see whether you are financially ready to purchase a block of land. Your advisor will tell you what your loan capacity is, along with assisting you to work toward understanding your total property budget. This will give you confidence to know what you can afford to purchase. A ‘Pre – Approval’ letter will be given to you at this time.
  • If you are a First Home Buyer and/or building a new home for the very first time, check what Government Grants are available for new home purchasers within your state by visiting http://www.firsthome.gov.au/ or your States Government Revenue for Grants and Schemes on offer at the time of your property search.
  • When you are ready to visit an AVID address, you can choose from a selection of block sizes or home and land packages that suit your requirements. Most of our developments feature leading Building Companies within our Display Villages; here you can choose from and enjoy walking through the latest in designs, styles, furnishings and technology. Your selected builder will guide you to the type of block that suits your preferred home design.
  • Visit and talk to one of our friendly Sales Team, they can provide you with further clarity and add to information you have now gathered from your financial advisor, potential builder and legal team to help choose the perfect block for you! Once you have selected your preferred block our Project Sales Manager will guide you to or provide you with a blank copy of a sales contract. Have a read through and get your legal representative to provide advice. You are ready to move to your next step… signing your land contract!
  • Our Sales & Information Centre details are in the links below.


Signing Your Land Contract

  • When you have decided on the block you would like to buy, come in to see us at our sales office. One of our friendly sales team will sit down with you and talk you through the processes of signing your contract and land settlement.
  • To assist with the preparation of the contract you will need to supply a copy of your photo ID and full legal name/s and residential address. A Pre-approval letter from your financial advisor, along with your legal advisor’s name and full contact details are also required so we can send a formal E-copy of your contract to them to review, before you sign the contract with us. At this time, you will sign an expression of interest form and an initial deposit will be taken by our team to reserve your block. Our Sales Team will assist you with providing you the amount needed to be paid and EFT details Note: AVID does not accept cash deposits.
  • By the time you are ready to sit down with our team in the office you would have had the land contract reviewed by your legal advisor. If you have any questions regarding your contract, our team are here to help.
  • It is important to remember that if you are signing an electronic contract that you bring your mobile phone with you to the appointment, as the contract will be sent to your personal phone for signing via email.
  • Please check that your initial deposit has been paid and provide a copy of the deposit confirmation to our sales team prior to signing your contract. Our team will assist you with the deposit requirements, details and where to transfer the monies.
  • Sign your land contract with AVID. Upon signing your contract, the remainder of your deposit is then required.
  • Once you have signed your contract it then has to be executed (signed by the AVID team). After this occurs a copy of the contract will be sent to your legal advisor along with your deposit receipts.

AVID’s Design guidelines and Home and Design Approval

  • When designing your home, it is important that before you down with your builder that you know and understand AVID’s design guidelines (hyperlink or project website page of AvidConnect). This enables you and your builder to make clear and informed decisions of what design elements are required to build within an AVID development.
  • Design approval – When you are happy with your home design and they follow the design guidelines, a copy of your final plans will then be sent to the AVID design approval team for assessment. Once your plans have been approved by AVID and council and your land has settled, you can Build your home!

To find out more about our design approval process please
contact our National Customer Service Team

Choosing Your Builder

  • Doing the Research and Educating yourself – all Builders are different, and each one specialises in different types of construction. Your builder will help you understand what home will fit on your block, their construction process and timelines to the completion of your home. Visit our Display village at Harmony to help you gain clarity on the process.
  • Signing your build contract – When you have chosen your builder your next step is signing your build contract. Your builder should take you through each page of your contract and plans and explain what it will mean prior to signing. Once you are happy, and your finance is all approved to cover both the land and home, sign your land contract 😊
  • A signed copy of your build contract and your plans should be given to you on the day
  • For more information please visit https://www.qbcc.qld.gov.au/blog/industry-today/consumer-building-guide

Settling your Block with AVID

    • Our National Customer Service Manager (NCSM) will keep you informed and up to date with regular AvidConnect email and SMS updates with regard how the registration of your block is progressing.
    • When you receive these updates it is important to pass them along as well as speaking with your financial and legal institution to understand and/or finalise your obligations
    • To make sure you are kept up to date with important milestones leading up to the settlement of your Block. Our National Customer Service Manager (NCSM) will send you Title Registration Updates .
    • Title updates include:
      • Registration updates – These updates inform you of when to expect settlement on your block
      • Valuation access- When your bank valuer can access your lot for assessment so that you can gain unconditional approval on your loan, if needed.
      • Lodgment of Plan of Subdivision for approval – Final step done by AVID – This is where our (AVID’s) large block of land is segmented into many blocks of land within a stage in preparation for settlement.
      • Registration of title – Approval for the segmentation has been granted by the governing body. You and your legal teams will also be sent notification by AVID to proceed to settlement in accordance with your contract.
      • Settlement of your Block – This is where remainder of the monies are required to paid to AVID for your block of land. Speak to your legal and financial advisors to understand your obligations in accordance with your contract.

Building your Home

When building your home, it is important to keep in mind how you will be using your home not only now but in the future.  Aim for high usability and liveability by choosing a home that has sustainable design principles in mind.

Talk to your builder about how you would like to live in your home and Look at areas like the orientation of your home, is it north facing? Look at the climate and nature of the area that you are building in, do you need more insulation or air-conditioning? Does your home have the proper ventilation and take advantage of the natural cross winds for energy efficiency? But most of all you need to make sure that your home is functional for your needs and you can do these by opening up these conversations with your builder.

You can read more about sustainable home building here

Important Information

  • Add AVID to your approved sender list in your inbox
  • Don’t forget to update our National Customer Service Manager (NCSM) if or when you or your legal advisors contact details change.
  • Again, do not unsubscribe to the AVID email list. You do not want to miss out on important updates regarding settlement
  • Valuations occur on certain days and times and may commence approximately one month prior to anticipated registration of title date. Please keep a look out for the update email from the National Customer Service Manager (NCSM)
  • Our team are here to help. Please contact us via the details below:

National Customer Service Team
E: customerservice@avid.com.au

Still have questions? Contact our NCST:

E: customerservice@avid.com.au