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A step-by-step guide to new house construction

Now that you are ready to build, our guide will show you the steps to construction. Main construction steps for typical slab and brick homes:

Step 1: Site preparation

  • Ground cleared and levelled
  • Site pegged out
  • Retaining walls built (if required)

Step 2: Preparing and pouring the slab

  • Sub-surface plumbing laid
  • Piering installed (if required)
  • Slab is poured

Step 3: Erecting the frames and roof trusses

  • Often prebuilt off site and erected onsite

Step 4: Installing the rooftrusses

  • Most builders will put the roof on once the frame is up
  • Metal roofs typically take one or two days
  • Tiled roofs can take up to a week – a little longer in bad weather

Step 5: Completing the external walls

  • External walls are constructed and ready for your home

Step 6: Plumbing and electrical rough ins

Includes everything that will be inside the completed walls:

  • Electrical wiring
  • Plumbing and gas fitting
  • Air conditioning ducting

Step 7: Internal walls

  • Insulation is installed in walls and ceilings (if required)
  • Internal walls are sheeted with plasterboard
  • Joints are set with plaster to cover seams

Step 8: Waterproofing and tiling

  • Wet areas are waterproofed with rubber membrane
  • Tiling pattern is established and first tiles laid
  • Tiles are cut and fitted to mortared surface

Step 9: Timber fit out and cabinetry

  • Skirting boards, architraves, cornices, ceiling roses, door jambs and doors are hung
  • Kitchen cabinetry installed

Step 10: Lockup stage!

  • Front door and garage door installed
  • Bathrooms and toilets installed
  • Built-in appliances and other fittings installed

Step 11: Practical completion

  • Mandatory final inspections conducted for regulatory compliance
  • Walk through pre-handover inspection conducted for workmanship and specifications
  • Faults and issues fixed

Step 12: Handover

  • Officially take ownership of the house – you get the keys!

On handover day you receive:

  • Certificate of occupancy
  • Documentation for appliances and fixtures
  • Documentation from service and utilities providers



AVID Property Group gives no warranty and makes no representation as to the accuracy or sufficiency of any description, photograph, illustration or statement contained in this document and accepts no liability for any loss which may be suffered by any person who relies upon the information presented. All information provided is subject to change without notice and may be based on information provided by others. Dimensions, areas, layout, time periods and dates are approximate only. Photographs and illustrations in this document are indicative only and may not depict the actual development. The document is a guide and should not be considered legal, financial or other professional advice and you should seek appropriate advice before making a decision or taking any action based on anything contained in this document. This document contains only general information and cannot be relied on for the purpose of purchasing land or enter into a contract with a builder. A decision to purchase land, or to enter into a contract with a builder, should only be made after obtaining appropriate legal and financial advice. 20/3/17.

Updated on March 29, 2018

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