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Building your new home in 5 easy steps

Step 1: Find your perfect block of land

Ask our expert Project Sales Managers about:

  • Latest land releases and availability
  • Blocks that suit your need and budget
Design team tip:

When selecting your block of land consider both the width and depth of your future house. Consider the topography of the land that will best suit your new home design and reduce site costs where possible.

Step 2: Choose your house design

Consider the long term running costs of your home

Our building partners have created a selection of fresh, modern designs. They’ll help you design a home that perfectly complements your land choice.

  • Vertical windows help promote balance and scale of the house
  • Options for indoor/outdoor living maximises living zones
  • Entry porches, verandas or balconies will provide shelter
  • Feature walls, parapets and mix of materials help provide interest to street frontages
  • Garages at least 1.5m set behind the building line will reduce the dominance of the house façade and increase street appeal
Design team tip:

Our Project Sales Managers can help you choose the perfect new home, pointing out which homes are suited to your preferred block, or which block would
best suit your preferred home.

Step 3: Add your personal touch

Some of the items to consider when customising your home and garden:

  • Front boundary definition through hedge planting and low fencing
  • Selection of plants
  • Consider the location of a tree to provide shade in summer months
  • Site contours and drainage
  • Driveway locations and materials
  • Letterbox dimensions and materials
  • Location of BBQ area
Design team tip:

Your builder will help you to customise your house and landscape designs to best suit your location, your needs, and your individual taste.

Step 4: Seek approval

AVID Property Group’s Design Team will review your custom choices for Developer Approval. Submit the approved plans to the private certifier or council.

  1. Important information for Developer Approval will include plans and elevations showing:
    • Existing and proposed levels
    • Garage location and driveways
    • Retaining works
    • Fence locations and materials
    • Utility areas
    • Building setbacks
    • Outdoor areas
  2. Colour selection, elevation and a schedule of external materials and finishes
  3. A landscape plan and planting schedule
Design team tip:

All of our participating builders are familiar with these requirements and will prepare the information for you.

Step 5: Build and move in!

Once you have received developer and council approvals and you have settled on your block of land, building can commence.


AVID Property Group gives no warranty and makes no representation as to the accuracy or sufficiency of any description, photograph, illustration or statement contained in this document and accepts no liability for any loss which may be suffered by any person who relies upon the information presented. All information provided is subject to change without notice and may be based on information provided by others. Dimensions, areas, layout, time periods and dates are approximate only. Photographs and illustrations in this document are indicative only and may not depict the actual development. The document is a guide and should not be considered legal, financial or other professional advice and you should seek appropriate advice before making a decision or taking any action based on anything contained in this document. This document contains only general information and cannot be relied on for the purpose of purchasing land or enter into a contract with a builder. A decision to purchase land, or to enter into a contract with a builder, should only be made after obtaining appropriate legal and financial advice. 20/3/17.

Updated on March 29, 2018

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