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Why buy with AVID Property Group?

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AVID Property Group is working with builders to deliver you the best housing.

Wouldn’t you rather have your brand new dream home – instead of buying someone else’s home?

When you buy with AVID Property Group we offer you two great choices:

  1. Choose from a range of affordable standard designs.
  2. Choose a custom design and make all the design, layout and location choices yourself.

Either way, with AVID Property Group, you get a home perfectly suited to your lifestyle,
family requirements and taste.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of choosing a builder

Builders working with AVID Property Group are highly respected and experienced new home builders who understand what modern Australian families are looking for in a new home.

They offer a range of contemporary homes specially designed for AVID Property Group communities, with a variety of standard houses, ranging from affordable designs to highly innovative upmarket designs.

There are real benefits to choosing builders working with AVID Property Group:

  • Typically lower initial building costs compared to custom builders
  • Home designs that set new benchmarks in urban design
  • Contemporary styling and a focus on sustainability and lifestyle features

Their greener building practices mean you receive:

  • The latest energy and water efficient elements
  • A more sustainable home
  • Potential energy bill savings over time

And last but not least:

  • Homes are delivered complete and ready for you to move in
  • So all you have to do now is plan your move

All builders working with AVID Property Group are very well known in the building industry, members of the Housing Industry Association, or members of the Master Builders Association.


AVID Property Group gives no warranty and makes no representation as to the accuracy or sufficiency of any description, photograph, illustration or statement contained in this document and accepts no liability for any loss which may be suffered by any person who relies upon the information presented. All information provided is subject to change without notice and may be based on information provided by others. Dimensions, areas, layout, time periods and dates are approximate only. Photographs and illustrations in this document are indicative only and may not depict the actual development. The document is a guide and should not be considered legal, financial or other professional advice and you should seek appropriate advice before making a decision or taking any action based on anything contained in this document. This document contains only general information and cannot be relied on for the purpose of purchasing land or enter into a contract with a builder. A decision to purchase land, or to enter into a contract with a builder, should only be made after obtaining appropriate legal and financial advice. 20/3/17.

Updated on March 29, 2018

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