1. Buying a Block of Land with AVID

Buying a Block of Land with AVID

Whether you have purchased a block of land before or you are new to the whole process, finding your perfect block to build your home is an exciting feeling! We, at AVID Property Group are here to help you through. We’ve outlined all the main stages you will need to go through when you buy your block of land with AVID. Have a read and contact our friendly sales team – they are always available to help begin your new home journey with AVID.

Before you buy land

  • Talk to your financial provider and see whether you are in a position ready to purchase land and a home. You will be advised what your loan capacity is, giving you confidence on working towards a property budget.
  • If you are a First Home Buyer or building a new home for the very first time, check what Government Grants are available for new home purchasers within your state by visiting http://www.firsthome.gov.au/ or your States Government Revenue for Grants and Schemes on offer at the time of your property search.
  • Choose from a selection of available block sizes, home and land packages that suit your requirements. Most of our Developments feature leading Building Companies within our Display Villages, here you can choose from and enjoy the latest in designs, styles, furnishings and technology. Your selected builder will guide you on the type of block that suits your preferred home design.
  • Choose your AVID Development! AVID has Residential Developments from Sunshine Coast and Greater Springfield Area in QLD, to the Lower Hunter Area and Sydney Metro in NSW, through to Melbourne’s North Western Corridor. For more information click here.
  • Visit us! Talk to one of our friendly Sales Team, they can provide you with as much information you are seeking, wherever you are at your journey to purchasing your new home. They can help you with your selection from a range of blocks we have available within each of our Developments. Once you have selected your preferred block, you are ready to move to the next step.
  • Our Sales & Information Centre Details are in the links below.




Choosing Your Builder

  • Research and choose your home builder to find the home to fit your Block
  • Sign your build contract
  • Have your home design approved by the AVID design team

Building your Home

Signing Your Contract

  • Sign your contract with our Project Sales Manager or Sales Associate in our sales office
  • Provide your full and proper name at time of signing to eliminate any hold ups with your contract exchange
  • Read all documents carefully. Ensure you understand what it all means. Contact your Project Sales Manager if you need clarification
  • Double check your contact details to make sure that you do not miss out on any important information regarding your contract or settlement.

Settling your Block with AVID

  • Speak with your financial and legal institution to understand and finalise your obligations
  • Title Registration Updates will be sent by the National Customer Service Manager (NCSM)
  • Title updates include:
    • Valuation access
    • Lodgement of Survey plan for approval
    • Registration of title
    • Settlement of your Block

Important Information

  • Add AVID to your approved sender list in your inbox
  • Don’t forget to update our NCSM when your contact details change.
  • Do not unsubscribe to the AVID email list. You do not want to miss out on important updates regarding settlementA valuation will be conducted by your financial provider on your Block, if finance is required
  • Valuations occur on certain days and times, and will commence approximately one month prior to anticipated registration of title date. Please keep a look out for the update email from the National Customer Service Manager (NCSM)

Still have questions? Contact our NCSM Michele Peska on:

P: 03 8373 1932
M: 0436 006 401
E: mpeska@avid.com.au